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Carriers of the Glory Combo
Carriers of the Glory Book/DVD combo
Our Price: $45.00

There are times and seasons when God has opened the heavens and revealed to His prophets the events that are about to take place. This is one of those times. God has shown His prophet, Steve Foss, a prophetic roadmap of the events that will take place in the Church in these last days. Through a series of visions and revelations, God has revealed His judgements that are coming and the many powerful and intense manifestations that are about to break forth in the Earth. These will consumate in the greatest manifestation of the Glory of God the world has ever seen.

God's glory will not be restored by itself. He is preparing for Himself sanctified vessels who will carry the Glory back to the Church. These vessels will restore the foundations of the Church, God's temple, that His glory may once again fill His temple. Get ready, Jesus is coming TO His Church before He comes FOR His Church!

Get this incredible book and DVD combo for only $45.00!