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Audio teachings on CD by Pastor Steve Foss.
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Romancing the Throne
Romancing the Throne: Instrumental Worship
Our Price: $10.00

Let the weariness of the world drop away and enter into intimate worship of the King as the soothing sounds of the piano take you into His throne room. Benjamin Foss is a gifted musician who allows his love for God to flow through his worship. In Romancing the Throne, Benjamin invites you to go with him up into the heavenly places. Your spirit will soar and your soul will be at peace as you allow the music to envelope you in the presence of the King.

Romancing the Throne features a full hour of high quality worship spread over ten tracks for only $10.00! Order today!
The Secret Place
The Secret Place: Instrumental Worship
Our Price: $10.00

With Romancing the Throne, Benjamin Foss gave listeners a glimpse into the David-like heart of a worshipper. Now he takes you even deeper with The Secret Place, another full-length instrumental filled with the beautiful, relaxing sound of the piano. Throughout 6 of the 11 tracks, you will hear relaxing sounds of nature in the background; from birds singing, to rain drops, to the ocean shore, these real recordings of God's creation add so much to the already rich sound of The Secret Place.

Enjoy a full hour of music you can sleep with, pray with, study with or even just use as a soothing background soundtrack. This album makes a great gift for friends and family and will surely become an essential part of anyone's music library.
Lion and the Lamb: Beautiful Instrumental Worship by Benjamin Foss. Over an hour of Heavenly melodies for only $10!!
Lion and the Lamb: Instrumental Worship
Our Price: $10.00

Immerse yourself in sounds from Heaven in Benjamin Foss', "Lion and the Lamb". This full-length instrumental worship album is sure to immerse you in the sweet presence of Jesus as the sweet melodies and rich sounds sweep you away, out of the cares of this life. Ten tracks of beautiful worship for only $10!
Sons Of Zadok Revolution
Sons Of Zadok Revolution: Worship
Our Price: $10.00

Worship focuses on one of three primary themes; 1) Intimacy with God: because it is from that place where we find our identity, are empowered, and our relationship with Him is the focus of eternity. This songs are not only "I love you" choruses to Jesus, but also an adoration of WHO He is. 2) Spiritual Warfare: because the passionate heart of God burns with jealous love for every human being, and from this position we join the Lion as He wages war on the powers of darkness. 3) Declarations: These are songs of war and celebration as we glory in who God is, trumpeting His character, His attributes, and His will. In this we not only remind ourselves who we serve, but the demons tremble as they're reminded of their own defeat already secured.

Dancing With Devils 3 CD set
Dancing With Devils 3 CD set
Our Price: $15.00

Dancing with Devils reveals four demon spirits that most Christians allow to affect their lives. This 3 CD series will expose these spirits and how they affect so many Christians. Every parent needs to get this teaching not only for yourself but so you can understand the strategy of the enemy against your children, including deceptions and lies of the enemy about music, including some Christian music.

This 3 CD series is available for only $15.00
Armed for War Discipleship Course (MP3)
Armed For War Discipleship Course - CDs MP3 Format
Our Price: $20.00

The Armed for War discipleship course is one of the most complete and power character developement teachings available today. Over 150,000 people around the world have completed this life changing course. God has given to Steve Foss and awesome ability to take some of the most powerful and deep truths of scripture and to present them in a way that anyone can understand. These lessons will challange you and transform you. This is not for the faint of heart but for those who are ready to move into new levels of spiritual experiences with God.

Order your copy of this breakthrough course see why so many Pastors and leaders from around the world have adopted this course to be their primary tool for raising up leaders in their church! Whether you are a new believer or a leader in the body of Christ, you will find many powerful insights in the Amred For War Discipleship Course!