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Teachings and series on DVD by Pastor Steve Foss.
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Defeating Discouragement
Defeating Discouragement - DVDs
Our Price: $20.00

Discouragement is a horrific enemy we have all encountered at one point or another. In this series, Pastor Steve Foss exposes the enemy's devastating strategy of discouragement.

We are in a spiritual battle and everything we see that manifests in the natural begins with a spiritual root. It is not just an emotion but a demonic spirit sent to destroy you. All discouragement is rooted in a lie. Learn to recognize even the subtleties of this enemy, pick up your weapons of truth and overcome!

This 2 DVD set is available for only $20.00!
The Blood 2 disc DVD set
The Blood - DVDs
Our Price: $25.00

Pastor Steve Foss on his series on the blood of Jesus, "The revelation that God has gave me about the blood of Jesus exploded inside of me as I preached it at The Upper Room.  This is one of the most impacting and freeing messages you have ever heard.  The understanding of the blood is going to free you, empower you, and give you a confidence like never before. During this message my son James shared for a few minutes his amazing testimony of God's redemption and forgiveness, and how he came to be adopted by us.  His testimony illustrates a practical example of the power of the blood of Jesus at work in our lives."

These 2 full-length DVDs are available for only $25.00!
God's Provision In Hard Times
God's Provision In Hard Times - DVDs
Our Price: $25.00

In a day when many are facing financial hard times, God has given Pastor Steve incredible Biblical insights. The reasons many are not experiencing the financial abundant provision of God are much deeper than just needing to give another offering.

In God's Provision In Hard Times, Pastor Steve deals with many of the real roots and problems that have led to our current financial conditions and gives powerful scriptural insights into how we can align ourselves with God's Word so the abundance of God can flow. This hard-hitting prophetic message is a must for all Christians who truly desire to live a debt-free, financially overcoming life.
The Rapture and the End Time Saints
The Rapture And The End Time Saints - DVDs
Our Price: $25.00

Pastor Steve takes on the highly controversial topic of the rapture and the end-times in this powerful teaching. Go deep in the Word and revelation in this teaching series and see how events unfold may not be how you think. Pastor Steve has spent many years studying this topic and has formed this teaching as God has revealed things in His Word in times of prayer.

Get answers in this dramatic and powerful DVD series!

These 2 full-length DVDs are available for only $25.00!
Mercy: Life After Failure
Mercy: Life After Failure - DVDs
Our Price: $25.00

Proverbs 16:6 says, "By mercy and truth iniquity is purged, and by the fear of the Lord men depart from evil." In this powerful teaching series on mercy, Steve Foss takes this verse and breaks it down to give impacting revelation on the application of mercy and truth. We cannot have one without the other. See why many churches in the body of Christ have taken just one of these two truths to an extreme and left God's people in bondage. We must have mercy and truth working together and when we do, we can walk free from bondage!

This impacting revelation is spread over 8 half-hour lessons on 2 DVDs for an easy study format. Loaded with scripture, each one of these lessons will give new insight into these powerful verses.

This 2 disc DVD set is available for only $25.00!
Fear Man Or Fear God
Fear Man Or Fear God - DVDs
Our Price: $25.00

Proverbs 29:25 says, "The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe."

Isaiah 33:6 states, "Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times, and the strength of salvation; The fear of the LORD is His treasure."

Every one of us lives under one of two fears; the fear of man or the fear of God. Find out, in this breakthrough revelation, how the fear of man operates in our lives and get set free by discovering the treasure of the fear of God.

This 2 disc DVD set is available for only $25.00!
Armed for War: Spiritual Warfare for the 21st Century
Armed for War: Spiritual Warfare for the 21st Century - DVDs
Our Price: $30.00

Armed for War: Spiritual Warfare for the 21st Century is a dynamic 12 lessons DVD series on the power of spiritual warfare. The threat of the enemy is real, but the power of God through us is even greater! In this series, learn how to tap into that power and overcome the power of darkness in your life. See why so many hristians lead defeated lives and why the chruch needs to step up and fight! We are in a war, it is time to pick up your weapons and fight!

These 12 lessons on 3 DVDs are available for only $30.00!
Manifesting Miracles
Manifesting Miracles - DVDs
Our Price: $35.00

We live in a day when even the Pentacostal/Charismatic churches have begun to shy away from the supernatural manifestations of God.  This powerful college level class reveals incredible truths about the purpose of miracles, how to operate in the supernatural, and so much more. The revelations revealed in this 11 session 4 DVD series will transform your life and release you into being a walking manifestor of the miraculous. This course is the first installment of year two of the discipleship course.
Carriers of the Glory
Carriers of the Glory - DVDs
Our Price: $35.00

There are times and seasons when God has opened the heavens and revealed to His prophets the events that are about to take place. This is one of those times. God has shown His prophet, Steve Foss, a prophetic roadmap of the events that will take place in the Church in these last days. Through a series of visions and revelations, God has revealed His judgements that are coming and the many powerful and intense manifestations that are about to break forth in the Earth. These will consumate in the greatest manifestation of the Glory of God the world has ever seen.

God's glory will not be restored by itself. He is preparing for Himself sanctified vessels who will carry the Glory back to the Church. These vessels will restore the foundations of the Church, God's temple, that His glory may once again fill His temple. Get ready, Jesus is coming TO His Church before He comes FOR His Church!

These 4 full-length DVDs are available for only $35.00!
Armed For War DVD course
Armed For War Discipleship Course - DVDs
Our Price: $75.00

The Armed for War discipleship course is one of the most complete and power character developement teachings available today. Over 100,000 people from around the world have completed this life changing course. God has given to Steve Foss and awesome ability to take some of the most powerful and deep truths of scripture and to present them in a way that anyone can understand. These lessons will challange you and transform you. This is not for the faint of heart but for those who are ready to move into new levels of spiritual experiences with God.